My years of experience in outpatient clinical management have enabled me to share insight into the practical application of proven approaches to addiction treatment, family services, program development and regulatory issues that face start-up agencies and organizations. I have experience in developing addiction and family-focused intensive outpatient, outpatient, group, aftercare, and education. Additionally, I have experience in working through licensure and implementation of Alcohol and Other Drug Entity (AODE) and Behavioral Health Service Organization (BHSO) in the state of Kentucky.

My goal with consulting services is to assist agencies that are adding addiction and co-occurring programs to their outpatient clinical service structures.

Here are the specific consulting services offered:


I will work with your organization to design and present trainings and workshops specific to substance abuse including: warning signs, ways to approach others with suspected substance issues, and how to get yourself and others help.


I can work with key clinical outpatient staff to help design and implement addiction and co-occurring programming levels of care, family, education and aftercare services.   This type of consultation is done on and offsite and will require a specified time and scope of work agreed upon prior to contracting for service.


I can help your organization navigate the application process, developing and strengthening programs, policies and procedures and other necessary structures and staff for AODE and BHSO licensure.  I can also work with key staff to guide you after the process and engage in policies and procedures to keep your agency up to date until the next licensure period.

Please contact me for a brief phone consultation to discuss these services further at (502) 387-9074.