Davidson Counseling and Consulting was created to address mental health needs in the Louisville community, specifically: addiction and co-occurring disorders, anxiety disorder, depression, trauma, concerned persons of those with addiction and family intervention for addiction.

Mental Health and addiction are common, widespread and very treatable issues that many in our community attempt to cope with every day.  All walks of life can be affected and at times, need help. Beyond these issues, sometimes people face life challenges and transitions that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns and coping skills. These issues can be attended to, unwound and redirected with professional guidance and support.

I am here to act as a guide to getting your life back into balance in a collaborative and helpful way following a strength-based and person-centered approach. I believe that you have within you the solutions to make strong and lifelong changes and that through goal oriented and consistent, evidence-based methods, I can help you apply what you learn and work toward a balanced and healthier you.

Davidson Counseling Services Include: