I provide a full biopsychosocial assessment to begin our work together, develop a diagnosis and discuss next steps and how we can work together.  Within the first 2-3 sessions, we will also develop a treatment plan that details the areas you want to address and goals and objectives you want to achieve so that we have a plan to move forward.  Assessments are typically completed within 60-75 minutes.


This is where the framework for therapy is discussed and the work begins.  We work within your treatment plan and adjust as needed.  A typical session may include a check-in about how things have been going since the last session, what you want to work on that day and how you might continue to apply what was discussed in the session.


In couple sessions, we will focus on a variety of issues from communication, intimacy, parenting, infidelity, trust building, life goals as partners and transitions.


Family sessions are designed to address conflict, stress, communication or functions that are blocking integration, healthy communication and function of the family unit.  In this type of session, everyone will be heard, and development of common solutions and coping strategies can happen.


Group sessions can be a place for 3 or more people to work on common issues such as anger management, recovery, depression or anxiety while drilling down into deeper underlying causes and conditions where group members can witness struggles while supporting growth.